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Nudura ICFs or Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms are the industry's leading ICF block manufacturer


Innovation Makes Us The Smarter Building Choice

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Today’s builders face a dynamic industry with tough market conditions. Consumers are demanding more sustainable and energy-efficient homes, while labor costs are rising, and energy code requirements are becoming increasingly strict. Rise to the challenge and maximize your ROI by building with Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs). The innovative new material is easier and faster to build with than wood, letting you save time and money.

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ICF walls and Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are becoming more popular as a high-performance building material in Austin, Texas and the surrounding Central Texas Area. As this demand for high-performance homes increases, so does the interest in Insulated Concrete Forms or ICFs.

Offering High-Performing Benefits, such as lower energy bills, faster construction speeds, less maintenance and greater STC (Sounds Transmission Class) or greater sound resistance, but the real reasons behind their popularity is their remarkable energy efficiency and strength. 

Building With ICF Typically Costs $3-$4 more per square foot than lumber, but now that lumber prices have gone up ICF home construction is becoming hard to ignore. After you reduce your Air Conditioning tonnage (Tighter House Requires Less Tonnage) you will have tremendous energy savings, and not to mention insurance savings on masonry structures.

. . . if lumber is more expensive and harder to get, that increases the cost of a stick-built home by thousands of dollars, and it potentially makes the build take a lot longer. Building with ICFs could cure both of those headaches for homebuyers. 

Healthy Air, Allergy Free Living is what we all want. Insulated Concrete Forms provide us with a high-performance building material which results in airtight construction. Lab R-Values do not reflect real-world scenarios, partially because lab tests do not consider all real-world problems like the amount of airflow within a wall-system. Anyone who has lived in a drafty house during the summer in Texas knows exactly how significant air infiltration affects air conditioning costs.

Experts use a blower-door test to find the number of air changes per hour. Your typical modern lumber-built home tests anywhere from three to six ACH (Air Changes per Hour). Insulated Concrete Homes typically test at less than 0.5 ACH and if that is not enough even natural disaster force winds can’t force their way through the 4”-6” of concrete.

SOUND ABSORPTION Properties Years ago, ICF homeowners were surveyed about the features they appreciated most in their ICF homes. No one was surprised when energy efficiency and disaster resistance topped the list, but benefits numbers three and four were comfort and quiet. More than 60% of Insulated Concrete Form homeowners talked about how quiet their homes were compared to 2% of lumber-built homeowners. Of course, this was a result of the 2 5/8” thick polystyrene foam EPS foam. Often the most surprising aspect of their new ICF home was the noise difference.


“I looked out onto the highway and saw the traffic but couldn’t hear is at all!”

“Neighbor: Did you hear that thunderstorm last night? ICF Homeowner: Nope”

Most ICFs with a six-inch concrete core have STC ratings of 50 to 55, which means only about 1/4 to 1/8 as much sound penetrates the ICF wall-system when compared to lumber-built frame. 

ICF HOMES ARE SAFER then lumber built homes having a level of safety that can’t be matched by lumber-built homes. They are 10 times stronger than lumber framed homes and roughly 3-4 times stronger than CMU or Cinder Block construction. This comes naturally when your wall-system contains a solid core of concrete and reinforced steel.

ICF homes can and do survive natural disasters including but not limited to: Wildfires, Hurricanes, Tornados, and Godzilla. Even the military and Law Enforcement swear by ICF buildings because they offer ballistic and blast protection. Yea, your home will be a defendable structure.

If that is not enough, the foam used in ICFs will not burn. Contrary to popular belief the Insulated Concrete Forms will melt if exposed to high levels of heat but will not burn or contribute to the fire. In fact, ICFs are “self-extinguishing” because of the flame retardant Nudura adds to the EPS foam.


Our Insulated Concrete Forms provide design professionals, architects, homeowners and, contractors the freedom and versatility to design and build a structure the way it was envisioned.
The Nudura wall-building system empowers you to build more energy-efficient, sustainable, and comfortable homes or structures than those built with more traditional materials like wood. Create the project of your dreams with our line of ICFs and accessories that speed construction times and offer endless building applications.

Nudura ICF Series, Leading ICF Experts, blocks for sale, Nudura is the best ICF block for texas.


Speed up the building process, reduce process, reduce waste, and deliver architectural impact with our patented ICFs that offer ease of installation and ensure your project meets design requirements


Enjoy design versatility and lower labor costs with ICFs that enable you to build unique the industry's first multi-link form that allows users to create a variety of customs multi-sided form combinations

Nudura ICF One Series, A knock down one sided ICF Form for a wide variety of applications
Maximize energy efficiency with icf products to improve the structures performance.


Maximize energy efficiency with insulation products that work together with our ICFs to improve your structure's performance. Easy installation perfect for DIYer


Further reduce heating and cooling costs with our Plus+ Series of ICFs that feature more insulation than our standard forms and can achieve R-values as high as R-48

Nudura ICF Plus Series offers higher R value ICF forms for netzero, passive, or extreme climates
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